Immersion Gold Half Hole PCB Board 50 Ohm 4 Layer 1.0 MM

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Certification: UL
Model Number: Half hole PCB0011
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs/lot
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Vacuum bubble bag packaging
Delivery Time: 20 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100k pcs/month
Detail Information
PCB Kind: 4 Layer PCB Impedance Control: 50 Ohm
Material Kind:: FR4 TG150 PCB Thickness:: 1.0 MM
Surface Technics:: ENIG PCB Size: 97.55 Mm* 97 Mm/25pcs
High Light:

Immersion Gold Half Hole PCB


50 Ohm Half Hole PCB


gold pcb board 1.0 MM Thickness

Product Description

Half Hole PCB 4 Layer Immersion Gold 1.0 MM Thickness



Board Info:


1 Part NO: Half hole PCB0010

2 Layer Count: 4 Layer PCB

3 Finished Board Thickness: 1.0 MM tolerance is +/-0.1MM

4 Solder Mask: Green 

5 Min Lind Space&Width: 4/4 mil

6 Application Area: Blue-tooth Module


7 Drillings: L1-L4 0.2MM


8 BGA Size: 0.3MM


9 Surface Treatment: immersion gold 


10 PCB Size: 97.55 mm* 97 mm/25pcs


11 Impedance control:  50 ohm 




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1 FR4 substrate PCB : 2 Layer Printed Circuit Board, 4 Layer PCB, 6 Layer PCB, 8 Layer PCB, 10 Layer PCB, 12 Layer PCB, 14 Layer PCB, 16 Layer PCB, 18 Layer PCB, 20 Layer PCB, 22 Layer PCB, 24 Layer PCB, HDI PCB, High frequency PCB.

2 Aluminum Substrate pcb: 1 Layer Aluminum PCB, 2 Layer Aluminum PCB, 4 Layer Aluminum PCB.

3 Flexible PCB: 1 Layer FPC, 2 Layer FPC, 4 Layer FPC, 6 Layer FPC

4 Rigid-Flex PCB: 2 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB, 4 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB, 6 Layer Rigid-Flex pcb, 8 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB, 10 Layer Rigid-Flex pcb

5 Ceramic substrate pcb: single Layer Ceramic pcb, 2 layer ceramic pcb





Q1: What is an Annular Ring?


A1: A via is created by drilling a hole through a copper pad etched on each layer of a PCB. An Annular Ring is the area between the edge of the drilled via and the copper pad associated with that hole. The greater the width of an annular ring, the greater the copper connection around the drilled via will be.

Immersion Gold Half Hole PCB Board 50 Ohm 4 Layer 1.0 MM 0

In a multilayer PCB, traces are routed from one layer to another layer with the help of vias. These vias are the holes drilled through copper pads on the surface of the PCB. The amount of copper left around the via on both top and bottom sides of the PCB is called the annular ring.

Immersion Gold Half Hole PCB Board 50 Ohm 4 Layer 1.0 MM 1

Mathematically, an annular ring is the difference between the diameter of the hole and diameter of the pad divided by 2. For instance, if the diameter of the pad is 24 mils and the diameter of the hole is 12 mils then the width of the annular ring is [(24-12)/2] = 6 mils

Immersion Gold Half Hole PCB Board 50 Ohm 4 Layer 1.0 MM 2


Calculation of the width of an annular ring plays an important role at the time of PCB manufacturing. If the width of the annular ring is not enough then the hole could touch the boundaries of the pad, this condition is called ‘Tangency’. In the extreme situation, the hole could be outside the boundary of the pad which is termed as ‘Breakout’. Both these situations should be avoided during the process of PCB fabrication.


Immersion Gold Half Hole PCB Board 50 Ohm 4 Layer 1.0 MM 3

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