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Double Layer Printed Circuit Board Pcb 1.6mm Thickness HASL

Basic Information
Certification: UL
Model Number: PCB000308
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs/lot
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Vacuum bubble bag packaging
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100k pcs/month
Detail Information
Place Of Origin: Guangdong China Material: FR4 KB6160
No Of Layers: 2 Layer Solder Mask Colour: Green
Surface Technics: HAL Lead Free Min Lind Space&Width: 10/10mil
High Light:

FR4 KB6160 Printed Circuit Board Pcb


1.6mm Printed Circuit Board Pcb


HASL 2 Layer PCB

Product Description

Double Layer Printed Circuit Board Pcb 1.6mm Thickness HASL



  • Main Features:


1 2 Layer FR4 substrate material printed circuit board.

2 Double layer copper, copper thickness is 35um/35um.

3 Finished pcb thickness is 1.6mm.

4 Used in power supply product..

5 HAL Lead Free.

6 2 layer pcb with 10/10mil min line space and width.

7 Green solder mask and white silkscreen.

8  Need customer to send us the gerber file or PCB file



  • Our Equipment List:


NO Equipment Name Equipment Brand Equipment QTY
1 Automatic Cutting SCHCLLING-CA6858 1
2 Roll Cutting QIXIAN 2
3 Vertical Cutting SHANGYUE 2
4 Innerlayer pretreatment JIECHI 4
5 Automatic coat&wiring QUNYU 4
6 Automatic exposure CHUANBAO 11
7 Large table exposure HECHUAN 2
8 Laser Plotter ORBOTEC 3
9 Etching line KB 4
10 PE Punching PE-3000 1
12 Double row brown KB 3
13 PP Cutting ZHENGYE 5
14 PP Chopping ZHONGDA 2
15 Hot-melt machine HANSONG 6
16 Riveting machine JIAOSHI 6
17 X-Ray Check HAOSHUO 5
18 Automatic reflux LANDE 2
19 Steel plate washer FENGKAI 2
20 Large size press DATIAN 8热4冷
21 X-Ray Drilling target HAOSHUO 8
22 Ccd Drilling target XUELONG 10
23 Automatic grinding XINHAO 5
24 Plate thickness Measuring AISIDA 2
25 Four axis gongs machine DALIANG 2
26 Two axis gongs machine BIAOTEFU 4
27 Automatic grinding mill JIEHUI 2
28 Drilling machine TONGTAI 13
29 Hole testing machine YAYA 1
30 Sinking rough mill KB 1
31 Vertical copper wire YAMEI 1
32 Automatic electroplating line JINMING 1
33 Dryer after electroplating KB 1
34 Etch machine KB 1
35 Film checking machine YUBOLIN 2
36 Line pre-processing KB 2
37 Automatic laminator ZHISHENG 3
38 Outer exposure machine CHUANBAO 8
39 Outer exposure machine HECHUAN 3
40 Etch machine JULONG 1
41 Line developing machine KB 1
42 Sand blasting machine KB 1
43 Precoarsening pretreatment KB 2
44 Electrostatic spraying line FURNACE 1
45 Automatic screen printing machine HENGDAYOUCHUANG 12
46 Pre baked tunnel furnace KB 1
47 Solder resist exposure machine CHUANBAO 6
48 Solder resist exposure machine HECHUAN 2
49 Post baked tunnel furnace GC0-77BD 2
50 Solder resist developing machine KB 1
51 Screen printing machine 1.8mm/2.0mm 4
52 Character baking tunnel furnace GC0-77BD 1
53 Sunk Tin spray line   2
54 Nickel palladium and gold wire XINHUAMEI 1
55 Alternator   2
56 OSP line KB 1
57 Gongs machine YIHUI 20
60 Hydraulic punch press SRT 2
61 Test machine MASON 17
62 High speed flying needle tester WEIZHENGTAI 3
63 Four wire flying needle tester XIELI 2
64 Product washing machine KB 2
65 Plate warping machine XINLONGHUI 2
66 Vacuum packaging machine SHENGYOU 4



  • FQA:



Q1: What is the Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) or Proof Tracking Index (PTI) of the PCB base material?


4 Layer Half Plated Hole PCB Bluetooth Module 0.8MM Board Thickness Cusomized 0


Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) is the extent to which the insulating material of the PCB can resist the unwanted current to flow between traces on the board. It is a measure of the ability of the PCB substrate to withstand any breakdown between two tracks on the PCB surface. It is used to assess the proportionate resistance of the PCB base material and helps calculate the high-voltage isolation values between the tracks. The CTI / PTI value indicates how resistant the PCB material is against environmental influences such as dirt and moisture. The higher the value, the more resistant the material is. The default CTI value for FR4 is 175 and goes up to 600 on special materials. The CTI / PTI value is determined using standard test methods.


Tracking resistance is the resistance offered by the PCB trace against the current flow. The higher the number of components placed on the PCB board the higher is its overall packing density, this leads to smaller trace spacings. Therefore, the CTI / PTI value in the PCB base material is of prime importance. These values help to deduce the overall PCB tracking resistance.


These values give an estimation for leakage or short-circuit as trace spacing becomes small due to the increased number of components. As per the IEC standard, the smaller CTI grade substrate offers good resistance to the electrical breakdown. CTI is a critical number while selecting a PCB material. Normal FR-4 ranges from 175 to 225V. IEC has prescribed three of the following classes for PCB CTI calculation:



Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) in Volts Class
600 <= CTI I
400 <= CTI < 600 II
175 <= CTI < 400 IIIA
100 <= CTI < 175 IIIB



Understanding CTI with respect to PCB routing:


When two PCB traces run in parallel, the dielectric material should not breakdown at any time and both traces should be able to carry current without any problem. The chance of dielectric breaking down and the traces having a direct short is very less. The dielectric ensures that resistance is present between the two traces. One of the primary reasons why the two traces might have leakage current is due to the impurities forming between traces, environmental conditions, voltage applied, and temperature..


CTI is the measurement of the susceptibility of the PCB’s insulating material to the electrical breakdown. Mathematically, CTI is that voltage, which results in failure by breakdown after 50 drops of 0.1 percent ammonium chloride solution have fallen on the material.


Creepage Distance and CTI Value:


Creepage distance is the shortest path available between two PCB conductors measured along the surface of the insulation. Depending upon the CTI value of the PCB base material, the creepage value will differ. If the CTI value is higher, then the minimum creepage value is required. In short, high a CTI value indicates closeness between the PCB conductors.




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